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Coupled FEWS Modeling for Sustainability of the Global Crop Supply Chain with a Focus on China – U.S. Interactions

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Principal Investigator: Zhu Yan
Funding Received:  2.5 million
Sponsored by: National Natural Science Foundation of China
Project Period:  2020.01-2023.12
Brief Introduction to the Project:


  To meet urgent demand for global food security, this project, using the U.S.-China soybean and wheat supply chains as a case, will develop a scalable framework for the global crop supply chains which coupling the climate, economy, management, social and technology subsystems, by teaming up with the crop supply chain research group at University of Tennessee. The subsystems in crop supply chains including crop growth simulation model, crop pricing model, agricultural decision model and global change assessing model will be improved to adapt the simulation of crop supply chains for the global change scenarios in the future. The coupling mechanisms and approaches between different subsystem models will be investigated, and an integrated system platform for global crop supply chains will be built. Finally, we will identify technical, societal and policy solutions for the sustainability of global crop supply chains under various global change scenarios. Our results will guide the crop production, storage, transportation, and trade in U.S. and China, and provide theoretic support for studying the interactions between global Food, Energy, and Water System (FEWS) and sustainable development in a changing world.

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